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Name:Tohno SHIKI
Birthdate:Sep 29
Location:Misaki, Japan
"He didn't have anything, which is why he looked like he didn't want anything. He seemed very isolated. Isolation is just another name for loneliness, right?"

Name: SHIKI Tohno
Canon: Tsukihime
Age: 17

SHIKI abridged(a.k.a. How canon screwed over SHIKI):

Years ago, long before he was born, a human and a demon met. Miraculously, the demon didn't kill the puny human on the spot. Instead, they fell in love, got married, and had children. This was the start of the Tohno family. Or at least the half-demonic linage of it. Before or after that, still long before SHIKI was born, an obsessed magus clung to the vampire version of Terminator. He stole her blood, tainted her bloodline, killed lots of humans, went crazy, and everything else that would smash his chances of being with her in the worst way possible. Even worse, he forgot he loved her in the first place and kept reincarnating into new people every time he died so he could aimlessly annoy her until the end of time.

Fate looked at all this and thought: Wouldn't it be a great idea to stuff all this into one kid? The Tohno blood line continued. The soul of the crazy vampire chose a child from the bloodline to be reincarnated into. The parents thought it would be funny to give him the name of people destined to become knife-crazy murderers. They soon realized that the main character is going to be named Shiki too, so they changed the kanji to be not as main character-like. The English translators saw this but didn't have an English equivalent, so they typed his name weirdly to clearly show that he was different from the main character. Thus, SHIKI was born.

SHIKI had the makings of a main character. He lived in a mansion filled with loot and secrets. He had a cute little sister, Akiha, and two maids of his age serving under him. He had the knowledge of the world from his rich kid studies. He had an adventurous and generous side that made him sneak out of said lessons to play with the other kids. His blood was particularly strong among the family, and he had a talent of wielding his demon abilities.

Then, the true main character, Shiki, came. Plot had to strike. SHIKI grew to the age where the soul of the crazy vampire within him starts affecting him. This caused his already strong demon blood to act out even more, making him lose control over himself and kill things. SHIKI was killed by his father for killing Shiki who protected Akiha. Akiha saved Shiki by giving him half her life and SHIKI saved himself by stealing half of the life given to Shiki. This life shuffle made SHIKI regain a bit of sanity and get the power to see and stab people's life force. Mistakenly overjoyed that there's hope for SHIKI yet, his father threw him into Schrodinger's box to suffer while Shiki is given every main character-like thing that SHIKI ever had.

At this point, SHIKI's sanity is now at a fulcrum. If he loses it, the instincts of his blood takes over, he gets crazy, and kills things. If he gets any saner, the reincarnated vampire part of him takes over, goes crazy, and kills things. If it stays still, SHIKI battles the influences of both, slips from time to time, goes crazy, and kills things. In Schrodinger's box, SHIKI has succumbed to both influences until the main character picks the girl he wants to shag and opens the box. Also in the box, Kohaku is both the emotionless doll seen in one scene of the game with SHIKI and the psycho needle stabbing otaku stepford smiler you see her normally as. The box is never opened in her case, so how she acted when not abused around SHIKI's padded cell remains undecided. Hah, headcanon freedom!

The box is opened, and SHIKI turns out to be the one that succumbed to the blood but still stays relatively intelligent. He goes out at nights, mistake people who look nothing like Akiha for Akiha, stalks them into dark alleys, and kills them. Shiki, being a butt, watches SHIKI do all this in his dreams and steals all the good character development from it without going through the corruption as much. SHIKI dreams of Shiki doing Akiha, so he tried to do it too but dies. SHIKI killed Shiki awesomely a few times, but it never happened because the player keeps reloading. Stupid Ciel-sensei corner.

So what happens when SHIKI wakes up from the dead with his sanity intact? Realize how stupid everything he did was and roll around the floor in so much shame that he'd want to kill himself. But no, pride and dignity. He has to play this off coolly and act like the street-smart worldly guy you can count on. ...And fail at it spectacularly.

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