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How's My Driving?

Now, this guy has a messed up mind. In his canon, his head is invaded by at least two other personalities while his own original one is twisted because of his blood's condition! I'm taking him from after he dies and comes into terms with everything, meaning I have to untwist and filter his main game personality to come up with how he would be when sane. Do I really need this crit? YES, I need it badly. Is he too calm? Am I mixing up his personality with that of Roa's or whatever of Shiki's that influenced him? Let me know! IP logging disabled, anon enabled, and comment screening enabled. You're fully safe, so crit away!

You're like a ninja. You can be anonymous, no one else will see you, and I'll never be able to tell what IP address you came from.

IC Inbox

Dec. 24th, 2028 11:14 pm
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[long silence] Recording? I need to say something? Wait! This is Shi-!
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This post is for plotting or IC contact. If there's anything you need SHIKI for, want to discuss about SHIKI, or general idea tossing, please hit up this post. And while I'm at it, this can also be used as a way to give a message to SHIKI(whether by letters, rocks thrown through windows, graffiti, etc.) without having to make a post about it or comment to an old post.

AIM: chaosseer
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(Copied stuff from various people)


Backtagging: Until forever!
Thread hopping: Yes, please
4th walling: All good
Canon puncture: No. I personally don't mind, but SHIKI is the kind of guy who'd use it on other characters and I don't want to push it on others.
Romance: I'd rather base such development on things that happened in previous threads naturally, but plotting is fine. Good, fun plots can change my tune on anything. Contact me if plotting or if I'm somehow missing your subtle attempts to go for the next level or something. I'll mention it if I don't want to ship.
Offensive subjects: OOCly, I'm fine with almost anything. Can't think of any I wouldn't be able to deal with right now. Just go ahead, and I'll tell you if I find something too offensive. ICly, SHIKI may flip if you talk about his father or taking Akiha.
Preferred contact: AIM, PM, or E-mail. That's in order of preference, though PM and e-mail are pretty much interchangeable. My plurk is pretty much dead, even though I do check it from time to time. By time to time, I mean monthly or whenever I remember that thing exists. I am a bad social networker.

IC permissions )

For anything else you might not be sure about, just drop a message and I'll reply as soon as I can.
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Biological Warfare(missed it):
- got sick during the later waves
- kept from going to work by natives, complained a lot
- avoided bro house during the worse symptoms(maybe?)
- got to the hospital somehow and vaccinated late

Bianca - Knife Instructor SHIKI:
- got to practice Body Control on Bianca while showing her how to strike
- scared her off quickly when trying to show her how killing intent feels

Ernest - Darkness calls:
- Got to know Ernest's name
- Turned into a Taken and got killed by Ernest
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Things with other characters that he will not let go of until they are resolved.
(may expand to IC character notes some day.)

Shinji Ikari: Won't use my name, huh? Fine, I don't need his either! He's stuffy apron guy from now on!

Arihiko Inui: I don't look like a bum! I'll show him next time I see him around! Better ask people how they think I look.(Score: 2-0 Ange and Senji voted no)

Shiki Tohno: He's totally wrong about me sucking in a fight. I'll prove him wrong and make him grovel one day.
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[mumbling to himself] To think I'd live to see this day again.

Hey, 18 is the age of adulthood here, right? Does that make it the legal drinking age too?


[It's like a repeat of his first day in Mayfield. SHIKI is sitting on a park bench enjoying a bottle of beer, looking a bit pleased with himself. There's no reason for Shiki and Ciel to stop him this time!]
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I've been avoiding the mail for a while now, but I ended up opening it all during the 4th of July. Luckily, it was just some card with a lot of green lines. I don't have any idea what I got back, but at least I'm still myself.

I'm afraid of regaining my blood and original form. The madness that comes with it just doesn't compare. I though maybe I'd have a fighting chance now that I'm older, but that latest brainwashing mess made me wonder if I'd even notice it at all.

It's kind of silly talking about it after keeping it to myself for so long, huh? Since it's out, consider it an advanced apology for killing anyone. If it's anything like last time, I wouldn't regret anything when it happens.
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[Someone was bad at sorting his thoughts. Guilt, confusion, satisfaction. He couldn't decide what he really felt. It was subtle at first, but he just couldn't let go of his unease. The more he thought about it, the worse he became. He kept realizing more and more, but they only added to his confusion. There was something very wrong, something he needed to realize RIGHT NOW. Every time he was about to reach a solid answer, it all suddenly crumbles when he realizes that just wasn't how it was. What made it so convincing in the first place? As a last desperate struggle to clear things up, he scrambled to the phone.]

Just which is it? Was I always this mad? I keep getting glimpses of blood, corpses, a dark alleyway. It's impossible, right? I always lived honestly in Mayfield! Argh, no! That was all fake. I was never here... as a child...? This must be another droning! But Mayfield is just a simple peaceful town, why would anyone here do such a thing? ...Peaceful? Haha, after that letter? Why would anyone kill over a little population control? It's just another voice in my head again. JUST ANOTHER VOICE! My memories, someone out there should know which are real, right?

Playing kick the can. Never heard of that. I was always confined. No, that was grounded. My dad... A bit nervous. Did horrible things to... Taiga? No, maid. No maids. Everyone is free. An illusion. Can't leave. Like it here. Looping streets. The warm perfect weather. Droning. Denial. Denial. Denial! Killing. Playing. Feeding. Burgers. Bentos. Soda. Red. Blood. Blood. Blood? Spraying. Sprinklers. Red. It's red. Limbs. Dancing. Parties...

Hehehehe... Hahahaha... HAHAHAHAHA! Nevermind! HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!

[The phone falls to the ground, in a failed attempt to slam it shut. You can still hear the muttering as he tries to deal with his thoughts himself.]
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[Shiki couldn't help but think something was strange this morning. His room and clothes were different from what he remembered seeing before sleeping. He checked out the window. Just as he thought, this was a different house. Why, though? He didn't stay over another house and he didn't remember giving any reason for someone to drag him out like this. It took a bit of searching until he found his answer in a calendar. Half a year has passed, and he didn't remember any of it. This must be how droning was like. What did he do to deserve a droning? This seemed too overboard for just drinking alcohol or killing a turkey. Ahh, what a pain. He'll have to get used to these new housemates too. Briefly, he wondered what happened to that Shirou guy.]

[For anyone in the house]

A. [The first sign of Shiki would be him holding up one of the family portraits]

So the mom is the only drone this time.

B. [If he didn't meet you already, he'll barge into your room as he searches the house.]

Yo, I'm the new son here. Nice to meet ya.

C. [Otherwise, he can be found in the living room punching the table after filling out the survey]

Damn it! It's gone.


Does anyone remember what was in the survey? All I remember were the stranger questions.

[In town]

[Shiki can be found stalking around 503 Ricardo, 1763 Beaver, and 337 Brady, the houses he took note of before. It seems normal at first. He seems to just pass by or take a break near those houses. It starts getting strange when you notice him rounding the house for the 3rd time or lingering on that bench for a bit too long though.]
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This library is useless. I went here to look up who this Medius is, but there's nothing written that wasn't discovered a few days ago already. I shouldn't have expected so much from a facility provided by them.

"I didn't I'd see a night stalker like you here, of all places." That voice. It's that girl again. We met under bad circumstances, but at least she's still civil. It's too much trouble looking away from the book just to acknowledge her, so I refrained.

"Night stalker? Where'd you get that?"

"You stalk people at the dead of the night." She continued the conversation without stopping her search through the shelves. One good thing about her is that she doesn't care much for etiquette. It makes it easier to talk to her.

"...Your naming sense is horrible." It made sense, but that was still horrible. Keh, I couldn't even concentrate on the book anymore.

"I don't want to hear that from you." Deadpan and scathing as usual. You'd think she's used to conversations like this. Still, I only mistook her for Akiha once! And Akiha is a beautiful name. A perfect name! It would be too good to waste on her.

"shut up. You don't know what you're talking about. So, what're ya looking for?" I gave up on finding anything out here. Looks like I'll just have to wait until the next thing happens again.

"Nothing of your concern." Cheeky. I don't really care anymore, but I admit I got a bit curious. I guess it's just because I don't get her. By all accounts she's just like any normal girl, but there's something weird about her. That night when I bumped into her, she didn't seem concerned for her life at all.

I checked the aisle we were on. The shelf I was leaning on was the end of the history section, and the shelf across that she was checking was... crafts? Just when I was about to venture a guess, she pulls out a book on knitting.

"Picking up knitting? You must be bored." I'm one to talk, being bored myself.

"I don't knit." Even if she just didn't want to admit it, that was a sad lie.

"What else would you do with that book?"

"Figure out synthesis recipes for making clothes." She looks like she's getting exasperated, but so was I. What kind of explanation is that?

"If you're gonna make the clothes, that's knitting."

"No it's not. What I do is different." She said stubbornly, as she picked up a stack of books I didn't notice until now.

"Then show me." What does she do, really? Looking at those other books, it's not just knitting. I see books on woodworking, herbal medicine, and... bombs?

"I don't have to." She begun to leave. No surprise there, I'm sure she didn't like where the conversation was headed.

"I'm a 'night stalker', remember? I could just follow you around if you don't."

It's my victory; she sighed.

"Fine, then meet me in my house in 2 weeks." We both knew I knew where that was, considering I saw her enter that house the first time we met.

"Alright. My name is Tohno SHIKI, by the way." I didn't get her name the first time.

She just nodded and turned to leave. Though I said that her lack of etiquette was one of her good points, it's one of her annoying points too.

"what's yours?"

"Veola." So it's not that she was trying to keep it a secret, she just doesn't say it unless asked directly. How annoying.

Well then, that's one interesting thing to do until things get hectic again.
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[A. Family of 1763 Beaver street? Someone you've never seen before is raiding your fridge. It's been a long time since he last ate normally, okay? Craving something other than blood is nice for a change. If he spots any of you, he'll call you over casually.

B. Soon after, he'll be out the door with a bottle of beer. He'll be wandering around aimlessly to find a place to relax in.

C. Eventually, you can find SHIKI plopped down on a bench in John Doe park. He's just enjoying being out during the day and trying out this "beer" adults love so much.]

EDIT: oops, probably should've put letter prompts for this in the first place. Fixed.
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OOC Information;
Name; Raziel
Personal Journal; [personal profile] plotician
e-mail -
AIM - chaosseer
Other Characters; N/A

IC Information; )
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This is something I try to do for any character I have in game. This is basically a diary record of whatever happens to SHIKI in game, with links to the threads where the events occur.

Updated to: First post on his previous stay. Threads with Shirou and Akiha complete.

Heh, to think I'd get another shot like this. )
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